Is an Open MRI Better Than Closed MRIs?

open MRI

Many patients are not even aware that an open MRI is an option when they need to get the test done. They assume that a closed MRI is the only available option, which is why they often decline to get an MRI done unless absolutely necessary.

But open MRIs have been available for a long time. The best facilities will have the open of an open MRI if it is what the patient prefers. Are these machines a better option than closed MRIs?

Option for Claustrophobic Patients

Claustrophobia is a common fear among people who come in to see a doctor and get told to get an MRI. Being inside that closed machine for an extended amount of time can cause a lot of fear and anxiety.

An open MRI is a much better experience. The machine does not result in the patient feeling as though they are trapped. Even someone with severe claustrophobia would be happy with an open MRI.

Better For Larger Patients

Not everyone’s the same height and shape. It is often harder for tall and heavy patients to get through a closed MRI without feeling uncomfortable. Injuries that limit flexibility and mobility can also cause a closed MRI to be an unpleasant experience. In contrast, open MRIs can accommodate patients of all shapes, sizes and conditions.

Patient Support

There is a lot of fear and tension when you are visiting a doctor, especially if there is a suspicion you have a serious illness. Having someone there to hold your hand and keep you calm can make all the difference.

An open MRI allows for friends and family members to be there for their loved one during such a serious test. It is an option that is not present with a closed MRI, as you must be put into the machine, which is an isolating environment.